4 Steps to Ensure Laser Safety in Dental Offices

When using lasers in a dental office, it is essential to take the necessary safety precautions to ensure the safety of both patients and professionals. To comply with state regulations and FDA guidelines, four simple steps can be taken to implement ANSI Z136 standards for laser safety in all dental offices. The first step is to appoint a Laser Safety Officer (LSO). This individual must have received the necessary training and education to administer a laser safety program.

The LSO is responsible for overseeing the laser safety program and is the only person at each facility who has received training in laser safety. The second step is to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These procedures should include documentation requirements for pre-procedure safety checklists and the operation and safety of the laser during the procedure. The third step is to protect non-target tissue during laser surgery.

This can be done by using appropriate shielding and protective eyewear. The fourth step is to ensure that all staff members are properly trained in laser safety protocols. This includes understanding and following ANSI Z136.1 and ANSI Z136.3 standards for safe use of lasers in healthcare settings. By following these four steps, dental offices can guarantee that they are compliant with ANSI Z136 standards for laser safety and that their patients and professionals remain safe when lasers are used.

It is essential for dental offices to take these steps seriously, as failure to do so could result in serious injury or even death.